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Prolift is an innovative company that is in the patient-transfer technology to new standards.
Years of experience in dealing with various pathologies, we have used to  develop people will need assistance individualized transfer and lifting  solutions.

Attention to the particularities of respective groups of patients - from  pediatrics to geriatrics - we in the continuing development of our  products are particularly important. Especially in the field of child-lifting and transfer solutions, we have been able to move much.
The ever-increasing challenge to man (nurses) and machine (patient lifter)  the transfer of obese patients, the company devotes special attention  Prolift successfully.
Visits to various institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes shows the  difficulty of providing high quality and satisfies all requirements  solutions, very few providers of lift systems requirements. Sun entertain many facilities completely inappropriate, inadequate systems. These often do not even meet the respective minimum requirements and are  therefore in units of Appeal or station bathrooms - custody - often even inaccessible.
The reasons for this are  mentioned in part: "The lift is too heavy to use," "The lifting capacity is not enough", "The lifting belts do not fit the patient and even hurt him."
Among others, these abuses have caused us to Prolift new standards in these areas should be addressed:

Value for money
Lifting equipment for individual solutions.

So we have set ourselves the task we have gained over the years know-how  involved in the design and development of innovative patient lift and  Aufrichtsystemen.
The anatomy of the lift and - more importantly - the fit and function of the lifting belts in people  with different pathological patterns is, in our opinion, advance medical knowledge. Thereby acting with the development of our systems, nurses, therapists, doctors and orthopedic technicians.
In Prolift is constantly evolving - so that we can always respond to  changing demands and new situations and the handling is steadily easier.
Also for you we have a need-based, individual transfer solution!
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